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Launching of the DNI India a social organization for the depressed classes of the country so as to ameliorate their educational & economic progress. 

Milestone 1. It has to be ascertained with achievement of MS1 having enrolled with membership for organization at National, Regional and local levels which is the first goal of the DNI by 30th September 2020.
 Please feel free to contact for any clarification @ below contact given:
R C Prasad
Adhoc National Convenor, DNI
Mob. 9454979857
Patron & Media Incharge


Mr. Sudhir Hilsayan, He was a guiding person for such social organization in the country to protect the interests of 85% people who are inadequately represented in Socioeconomic and educational spheres. 


Kindly contact at Rakesh Kumar, Executive Secretary, DNI India, M-09648621107



DNI is a multi-member based non-political non-religious social organization on all India bases whose members are drawn from the depressed classes. We are pleased to introduce you all with a social organization namely DNI that is the Depressed classes Network of India. Its social objective is to provide the educational accessibility to the children of the deprived sections and create employment opportunities through its various economic enterprises for the people of the weaker section of India. DNI is a three tier Social Network at National, Regional and Local levels being set up with broader and greater social objectives of providing educational facilities, economic opportunities , social security and organizational strength to weaker and depressed sections of our society.

Moreover, it is a self funded social network with only contribution made by the members of DNI across the country. Members shall be drawn from the different walks of life throughout the country who will enrich the organizational strength from within and outside in order to meet the vision and mission of the DNI. The basic objective is to bring the depressed sections of our society into the mainstream of our growth process through the various developmental programmes of DNI so that the educational and economic deprivation, and social segregation of these people can be eradicated at the earliest establishing an egalitarian social structure with equality, liberty and fraternity .


Be educated!              Be united!               Get liberated!




The services envisioned by DNI that are to be rendered in due course of time to enable the beneficiaries of the programmes get benefitted for their advancement.

The programmes are tentative as per felt need of DNI to make people of the depressed classes to be benefitted with the available resources within the network across the country.


  • Educational Institutions
  • Primary Residential Model Schools in each district
  • Computer literacy for educated rural boys and girls
  • Senior secondary schools in each district
  • National University
  • Professional colleges in every region.
  • Media and its institutes
  • Health Services with regular medical camp by eminent medical professionals
  • Industrial Vocational Training to educated youths
  • Micro-Finance and Banking services and insurance schemes
  • Economic enterprises ( cottage, micro, small and medium scales)
  • Communication
  • Adult Literary institutions
  • Social and cultural programmes
  • Rehabilation of street & destitute children