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Launching of the DNI India a social organization for the depressed classes of the country so as to ameliorate their educational & economic progress. 

Milestone 1. It has to be ascertained with achievement of MS1 having enrolled with membership for organization at National, Regional and local levels which is the first goal of the DNI by 30th September 2020.
 Please feel free to contact for any clarification @ below contact given:
R C Prasad
Adhoc National Convenor, DNI
Mob. 9454979857
Patron & Media Incharge


Mr. Sudhir Hilsayan, He was a guiding person for such social organization in the country to protect the interests of 85% people who are inadequately represented in Socioeconomic and educational spheres. 


Kindly contact at Rakesh Kumar, Executive Secretary, DNI India, M-09648621107



Part VII Financial Administration

Article 46.Provides an apex financial institution for DNI known as National Depressed classes Development Fund (NDDF). NDDF is constituted with the funds contributed by the members of DNI. It will be headed by a National Treasurer / CFO.

Article 47 (A). Provides method of contribution of funds to NDDF by the honourable members of DNI as follows.

  1. Members of NGC have to contribute directly to NDDF in favour of National Treasurer of DNI per day Rs. 10 i.e. Rs. 300 per month.
  2. Members of RCs have to contribute to NDDF in favour of Regional secretary per day Rs. 5/- i.e. Rs. 150 /- monthly.
  3. Members of DCs have to contribute to NDDF in favour of District Secretary per day Rs. 5 /- i.e. Rs. 150/- Per month.
  4. Members of BCs and VCs will have to contribute to NDDF in favour of District secretary per day Re. 1 i.e. Rs. 30 monthly.


Article 47 (B). States about NDDF: NDDF is an apex financial institution of DNI being constituted with the contribution funds of members at each level across the country. In near future NDDF may be converted into a National Bank for Depressed classes (NDB). Allocation of funds for various developmental programmes of the depressed classes will be recommended by the PC after detailed studies. Direct beneficiaries of allocated funds are RCs, DCs, BCs and VCs as per needs and direction of the programmes by NGC on the recommendation of CEC and CAB. The execution and monitoring of the programmes through allocated funds will be administered by the departmental committees.

Article 48 (A). Revenue Division: Provides for collection and consolidation of resources being contributed by the members and other sources generated by the programmes to be formed in the NDDF. How much financial resource to be allocated for executing the programmes will be decided with reference to available resources at NDDF. Every policies and decisions about development depend upon the capacity of resources within an organization. Thus there shall be a committee to study about the sources of revenue and their realization and recommending accordingly for the funds allocation and their optimum use in the development process.

Article 48 (B).Expenditure Division: This clause states about expenditure on various developmental programmes and salaries and allowances of office bearers of DNI. There shall be an estimate committee on expenditure to recommend on allocations of funds for programmes and to decide on the other expenditures on salaries and allowances of all office-bearers of the DNI across the country. There shall be an Expenditure committee to ensure and monitor of appropriation of funds in proper way for the purposes funds being allocated. All funds allocation is to be made in accordance with recommendation of PC. And PC will go into minute details for the programmes and their priorities it has to make for allocation of funds.

Article 49 .Contingency Funds: There shall be a provision of setting up Contingency funds of DNI for meeting uncertain challenges and their immediate redressal at speedier pace for which certain percentage of funds to be earmarked from each programme and department. Contingency includes natural disasters like cyclone, drought, epidemics, earthquake, floods, etc. There shall be a special cell to studies the impact of disasters on the people and accordingly provide relief measures for the affected people. DNI shall constitute for these purposes a Disaster Relief Committee which looks after the relief works through Disaster Rapid Response Force (DRRF) and Relief Resource Fund (RRF) at national, regional and local levels in order to meet the unwanted challenges.

Article 50. It also entails responsibility of financial administration and fund management and allocation of funds for various programmes to Regional and District Finance Committees. These committees are entrusted with the tasks of preparing of programmes on priority basis for allocation of funds required by each department. RWC and DWC will recommend on releasing of funds for the execution of programmes in consultation with CAB and CEC. Moreover, DFC will be nodal forum to decide on releasing of funds for particular programme at locally felt need based.