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Launching of the DNI India a social organization for the depressed classes of the country so as to ameliorate their educational & economic progress. 

Milestone 1. It has to be ascertained with achievement of MS1 having enrolled with membership for organization at National, Regional and local levels which is the first goal of the DNI by 30th September 2020.
 Please feel free to contact for any clarification @ below contact given:
R C Prasad
Adhoc National Convenor, DNI
Mob. 9454979857
Patron & Media Incharge


Mr. Sudhir Hilsayan, He was a guiding person for such social organization in the country to protect the interests of 85% people who are inadequately represented in Socioeconomic and educational spheres. 


Kindly contact at Rakesh Kumar, Executive Secretary, DNI India, M-09648621107



Part VIII Election Committee

Article 51.Provides for Central Election Committee to constitute various committees and their members as per recommendation of CAB. CEC will look into matters of any dispute arising in election process being held for appointment of different officers and executives of DNI. The decision of CEC shall be binding upon CAB to take up any matters disputes, appointment of dates of election and imposition of ethical code of conduct on members.

Article 52 . states that there shall be a Chief Election Officer appointed by NGC on recommendation of CAB. He will enjoy the status equal to the AG. He will be responsible for conducting, supervising and controlling the election processes. He will be entrusted with the tasks of preparing of schedules of dates of election of members and nodal officers/executives of DNI as per calendar of the government of India. CEO shall have other officials for his assistance for holding elections and their supervisions. Election committee will go into details of election processes at National, regional and local levels.

Article 53 . talks about Regional Election Committees which will constitute Regional Election Officers and their offices. REO will perform his/her duties on direction tendered by the CEO for conducting, supervising and controlling elections at local levels. He may be removed from his office on recommendation of REC in consultation with CEO on proved misconduct and incapacity. REO will appoint DEO to supervise and control the election processes at District, block and village levels.

Article 54 . States about constituting committees for execution and monitoring of the programmes of elections by Election committee on the direction of CAB. Election committee will also look into matters of formation of RCs, DCs, BCs and VCs in accordance with PRS of people of the depressed classes as per their population. Any disputes arising out of such formation of the councils the decisions of EC will be final and binding.

Article 55 . This article ensures that no irregularities will be allowed to take place at any level in election of members to DNI and in constitution of the councils across the country. Moreover, CEC will prepare the modal code of conduct for members and councils as per need of time.