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DNI'S Office Holders & Dignitaries Declaration 2020

 Dear Hon'ble Members, 

Let us rejoice with few names of the office holders of DNI that are being declared during Covid19 because the meetings are impossible due to unprecedented situation being arisen out of lockdown and hence the following persons are entrusted with roles and responsibilities of the organisation to carry out some functions as below:- 

Sh. V P Singh, Patron

Sh. Syed Shahid Hussain, Chief Adviser to CAB.

Sh. Amit Pamasi, National Convenor

Sh. Sudhir Hilsayan, Head of Media

Sh. Rakesh Bharati, Secretary General

Dr. N P Singh, Dy. Secretary General

Sh. Hemant Singh, CEC

Sh. Amit Anand & Mr. Bhopal Singh, Educational Development

Sh. Rajesh Choudhary, Education, Culture & Media Studies

Sh. Mohit Singh & Mr. Morale Sir, Economic Policies & Enterprises

Sh. R C Prasad , Sh. Keshav Kumar & Sh. G P Singh, Planning Committee

Sh. Rambriksh Ji, Mr. Manoj Kumar & Sh. Siyaram ji, Professional Courses.

Sh. Arvind Kumar, Legal Aid 

Dr. Raj Verma, Health Services

Women Cell to be headed by Eminent Lady.

Others Committee members to be selected by NGC as and when it is assembled.

 On & Behalf of DNI.




Kindly contact at Rakesh Kumar, Executive Secretary, DNI India, M-09648621107



Part IX Planning Committee

Article 56.Provides for the formation of a Planning Committee (PC) for advising and policy making and setting up the priorities of developmental programmes and their execution as per study conducted by the PC. PC is supposed to be a dynamic and vibrant institution of DNI which shall have its members belonging to economic expertise, public administration, academic, geographical studies, financial administration, statistical division, engineering, health services and social sciences. The members will prepare the reports based on ground realities about the socio- economic, educational and political development of the depressed classes in each region of the country and thus accordingly they will render advice to CAB for policy formulation and execution of programmes for the advancement and betterment of the depressed classes' people.

Article 57 . Talks about Special Area Development Projects for the most underdeveloped regions and the people and thus releasing the additional funds for development of the regions. It requires additional allocation of funds in comparison to other regions. This programme will be launched in those backward areas in association of the government projects for the development purposes in order to bring about far reaching changes in the lives of the people. Therefore, DNI will seek the helps of other existing institutions outside to implement the programmes.

Article 58 . States about Regional Planning committee (RPC) will function as the PC but it has the additional responsibilities to provide sufficient information on the status of that region to PC to attract the attention of NGC in developmental projects. It will study the socio-economic and educational conditions of the depressed classes and accordingly renders its advices to REC and CAB. RPC will pay additional care towards the women, children and old aged persons keeping in views the gender sensitivity while preparing the reports for policy formulation.

Article 59 . Provides for District Planning Committee (DPC) to be headed by the DPO but policy formulation and decisions making will be performed by the DCs. DPC will prepare the reports about the socio- economic and educational status of the people of depressed sections in that district and accordingly its reports will be sent to PC directly. As per reports of DPC the direction and planning of programmes will be set forth in order to achieve the stated social objectives of the DNI.

Article 60 . Provides for tenure of RPC and DPC for 3 years. All reports of DPCs, RPCs and PC have to be submitted in the annual meets of DNI for discussion, critical evaluation of policies and their achievements.