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Launching of the DNI India a social organization for the depressed classes of the country so as to ameliorate their educational & economic progress. 

Milestone 1. It has to be ascertained with achievement of MS1 having enrolled with membership for organization at National, Regional and local levels which is the first goal of the DNI by 30th September 2020.
 Please feel free to contact for any clarification @ below contact given:
R C Prasad
Adhoc National Convenor, DNI
Mob. 9454979857
Patron & Media Incharge


Mr. Sudhir Hilsayan, He was a guiding person for such social organization in the country to protect the interests of 85% people who are inadequately represented in Socioeconomic and educational spheres. 


Kindly contact at Rakesh Kumar, Executive Secretary, DNI India, M-09648621107



Part X Miscellaneous Affairs and their functions and Administrations

Article 61.. Relation between DNI and the Government of India:

This article articulates the relation between DNI and the GoI and its agencies that will be based on coordination, cooperation and complementary and friendly in order to achieve the social objectives of DNI for the advancement of the deprived classes. DNI shall have always affirmative and constructive approach towards the GoI and its commitment for the welfare of the depressed sections of society. Further DNI shall seek the advice and assistance of the GoI to meet its objective speedily and render the same whenever sought by the GoI in the policy matters and their execution for the wellbeing of the depressed classes in the country. If any confrontation arises between it and GoI in their approaches not due to any malice intentions of DNI but due to critical observations of the government policies and their implementations.

Article 62 . Relation between DNI and the State governments: This article expects the same outcome and approach with the states as it do with the GOI. Moreover, DNI will have friendly approach with states while dealing in development projects.

Article 63 .Relation between DNI and International Development Agencies and Social Organizations: DNI may seek assistance of international agencies for educational, economic and social development of the vulnerable groups of people. DNI will also have friendly and constructive approach towards other social organizations to meet its social objectives. DNI may render its assistance to the vulnerable groups of people in other nations in time of needs for which DNI don't think necessary to take prior approval of the GoI to do so.

Article 64 . Provides for amendment process in the charter itself and the constitutions of the councils and their members if DNI feel to do so but it requires 2/3 rd majority opinion of NGC while present and voting for this purpose. It is a necessary process because it will make the organization dynamic and vibrant organic social body since any sorts of rigidity present in the organization may jeopardize to it in future.

Article 65 .Any sorts of ambiguities arising out of doubts not being clearly mentioned in the charter and thus such doubts may be cleared with interpretation of the enshrined philosophy in the preamble of the first part of this charter under the guidance of the CAB.

**The Preamble is the very soul and the hearts of DNI. **
 Drafted and Edited by R C PRASAD( National Coordinator and Mentor, DNI)