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Launching of the DNI India a social organization for the depressed classes of the country so as to ameliorate their educational & economic progress. 

Milestone 1. It has to be ascertained with achievement of MS1 having enrolled with membership for organization at National, Regional and local levels which is the first goal of the DNI by 30th September 2020.
 Please feel free to contact for any clarification @ below contact given:
R C Prasad
Adhoc National Convenor, DNI
Mob. 9454979857
Patron & Media Incharge


Mr. Sudhir Hilsayan, He was a guiding person for such social organization in the country to protect the interests of 85% people who are inadequately represented in Socioeconomic and educational spheres. 


Kindly contact at Rakesh Kumar, Executive Secretary, DNI India, M-09648621107



Part V Regional Council and its Executive Body

Article 36.Federal units of DNI known as regional councils (RCs). Initially there are only 10 RCs across the country which may be increased having seen the growth and expansion of the network. RCs are the legislative and administrative bodies for the each region. It will comprise 200 members to which 50 % shall be directly selected and rest 50% to be recommended by the DCs of that region with PRS.

Article 37. There shall be a Regional Coordinator and Administrator who acts as the Secretary for each regional council. New members to RC to be admitted in the first week of March of a year. Members are to be drawn from the diverse field of knowledge.

Article 38. Provides for Regional Working committees to formulate policies and execute the programmes at regional level. Regional Secretary will be the chairperson to regional working committee (RWC). There shall be subcommittees to execute and monitor the programmes of DNI. Chairperson to RWC belongs to direct member to RC but other members of subcommittees and their chairpersons shall be recommended members of DCs.

Article 39. Salary and allowances to secretary and chairpersons of RWC and subcommittees shall be as per rules decided by NGC on the recommendation of CAB.

Article 40.There shall be a Chief Programmes Officer (CPO) and Regional Treasurer / Finance Officer (RFO) appointed by the NGC on the CAB's recommendation. Their salary and allowances as per rules is to be decided by NGC on the recommendation of CAB.